Type 1 Diabetes Mindset Reset

This 21-day guide is designed to help you take a look at your thought patterns around diabetes, to help you determine whether or not your current perspectives are optimal for you. Life with T1D comes with its own unique set of challenges and growth opportunities. Mindset is a very individualized thing to master, it is in no way a one size fits all approach.

Growing up with T1D, I found that the hardest part was learning how to think about the way diabetes was affecting me. I often struggled to find ways to look at my life with diabetes from a big-picture perspective because I was confused about how to make sense of it all. I wondered what a happy and healthy life with chronic disease could look like. After years of studying others, researching optimal outlooks, and learning through experience I feel as though I have made headway in finding meaningful answers. This workbook was created to help you learn what took me years to figure out. It’s designed to help you identify and reframe limiting beliefs in just 21 days, leading you to a happier and more empowered mindset about living your life with T1D.

What this workbook offers: 

THE EBOOK: Intro chapters that take an in-depth look at your thought patterns and general beliefs about how diabetes impacts your daily routine and self-talk. It includes questions and workbook sections to help you clearly identify your ideas. 

~ Estimated reading time of less than one hour. 

THE DAILY JOURNAL: This will include a template for you to fill out every day for 21 days to help you incorporate a fresh mindset. 

~ Estimated daily input time is 5 mins a day.  

DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT: Notes from me to help you stay on track and keep up with your new intentional perspective.

 A total of 80+ heartfelt pages written by someone who also has type 1 diabetes.

Who is this program for? People living with type 1 diabetes – it doesn’t matter if your diagnosis was yesterday or if you’ve been living with T1D for decades. It doesn’t matter how you lost your beta cells or if your blood sugar is mostly in range or out of range, it is for all of us.

What is the intention of this program? Burnt out? Newly Diagnosed? Unhappy with the way diabetes is impacting your life? Seeking self-growth? Starting a new chapter in life? Going to college? Picking a career? Feeling held back? Feeling broken? Feeling guilt? Feeling self-blame? Feeling unworthy? This is for you and to be honest it’s for me too. I wrote the program that I would have loved to have growing up to prevent diabetes burnout and to prevent diabetes prejudices I didn’t even know I had. 

Why? The psychological aspect of diabetes is important and doesn’t always get enough light in a clinic or hospital setting. You get to decide how you feel about diabetes in your life, not anyone else. I’ve built this to empower you to think about it on your own terms. 

What this workbook isn’t: 

  • It won’t tell you to change what you eat, how many times to test your blood sugar, what the best type of exercise is, or to change any action towards your diabetes care. It’s purely mindset-oriented and will help you evaluate thoughts, patterns, and ideas in your mind that you may want to change or optimize. 
  • It won’t teach you about diabetes from a medical perspective. It does not throw diabetes statistics in your face, explain technical ways to treat your diabetes or threaten you to be in better control in any way. It’s only here to help you think intentionally about your life with diabetes. 
  • It will not take the place of doctor visits, psychologists or counselors, nor having a friend with type 1 diabetes.

Take a step in the direction of growing with this disease, of choosing your best life no matter what comes your way.

Your mindset is impactful in every aspect of your life. It is time to prioritize your outlook. Your health is worth it. You are worth it.

Written by a newly minted Doctor who has grown up with type 1 diabetes. The insights gathered from her patient and physician experience give this book a unique perspective.

20% of Proceeds will be donated to Texas Lions Camp – a free camp for children with T1D

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