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Welcome to Hamlin Health where we take living a good life with diabetes seriously. This is a lifestyle-based diabetes practice. We cover nutrition, exercise, stress, relationships, sleep, and blood glucose levels during your appointment.

We have transparent cash pricing so that you don’t have to guess how much of your appointment or lab costs will be covered by your insurance. You can absolutely use your insurance for prescriptions written from our clinic and we will do our best to help you navigate what prescription coverage is the best fit for your plan.

To schedule an appointment, please click HERE!

  • 40-minute video appointment with Dr. Hannah: $100 (Texas Patients only at this time).
      • This will include a case review prior to the appointment, a 40-minute video visit, and a written plan with recommended testing, prescriptions, educational materials, and treatment instructions.
      • Appointment frequency is generally every 3, 6, or 12 months depending on overall health.
      • Fun Fact: Hamlin Health appointment costs are below the national average for cash-based diabetes appointments (Avg. cash appointment costs in the United States: $100-250 for 30 mins).
  • Diabetes Maintenance Lab Panel: $50 (minimal variance in cost based on specific markers – will discuss exact cost prior to ordering labs, generally recommended 1-2x per year).
      • This is a great option for people without insurance or high-deductible plans. All lab and appointment costs are eligible for HSA/FSA coverage.

Current Openings: Monday, Tuesday or Friday from 10am – 4pm CST – Telehealth only at this time!

  • Once you have scheduled will be sent a questionaire, office policies, and a consent form. It’s important that you fill these out before the appointment to get the best use out of our time together.
  • Cancelations are free up to 24 hours prior to appointment time or anytime in the case of an emergency.
  • It is highly recommended that all patient’s have their own local primary care provider for physical exams and acute care visits.
  • All patients must be in the state of Texas during their video appointment.

Membership Option for established patients for between visit check in’s: 

  • Weekly office-hours access led by Dr. Hannah (for established patients only) – this is the ability to log on to a group video to discuss challenges and troubleshoot insulin settings/lifestyle patterns in a group of other people with T1D. Questions can be submitted before these sessions or brought up on the call.
      • Sessions: Friday 6 pm-6:30 pm CST weekly.
      • Message “Office Hours” below for sign-up! $40 per month

Options for all (in-Texas, out-of-Texas, established patients, non-established people with T1D, International people with T1D):

  • Weekly group check-in access led by Dr. Hannah (for people anywhere in the world – groups will be led in English only). This is an online support group for patients and non-patients of Hamlin Health. We will cover all things life with diabetes in an empowering way with empathy and companionship.
      • Sessions Monday 6 pm-6:30 pm CST weekly.
      • Message “Group Check In” below for sign-up! $40 per month
  • 21-Day T1D Mindset Reset online course. $30 one time cost.
      • Message “Online Course” below to sign up!
      • Recommendations for the best experience: Attend weekly group check in’s while completing online course so that you have an accountability group and people who get it to talk things out with.
      • Workbook hardcopy is optional to allow for easier completion of the course ($14 on Amazon – free shipping with Prime).

If you live outside of Texas and are interested in becoming a patient in the future, please send me a message with your state in the box below. Once I collect enough interest, I can expand my services. Thank you!