T1D Support Group

Welcome to the connection you’ve been looking for! We have created a space for you to talk openly and honestly about life with Type 1 Diabetes. We will help you work towards your health goals, discuss obstacles and encourage you along the way.

Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t have to be so lonely. This group is designed to be your connection, camaraderie and community to take life head-on with T1D.

Each session will include 5 people with T1D ready to connect and grow with you. What you can bring to the group is a willingness to listen to others and share your story. Together we are stronger!

READY TO SIGN UP? Send me a message in the CONTACT page on the right side of the menu for dates and times this month! We have a college kid session, one for adults, and another for parents of kids with T1D. 

Type 1 diabetes used to make me feel really alone. I felt different, complicated, embarrassed, and often inconvenient. It wasn’t until I met other people with T1D that I started to learn how much was truly possible in my life. It allowed me to change the way I was looking at myself and my life with this condition. Turns out, I’m not alone. I have met so many people with type 1 who say the exact same thing – everything changed for the better when they met other people going through similar life challenges. This group was created to bring people together in a fun and sustainable way.

I’ll be the facilitator, I’m here to answer questions, guide the discussion, and provide resources when needed. I will not be providing medical advice in this setting. Please seek advice from your own physician before implementing any changes to your medical care. This is not a therapy group. This is not a substitute for medical treatment or psychiatric care or psychotherapy.

ATTENTION: This group is for ages 18+ at this time! Thanks!

Here are the ground rules for the group: Please Read Before Scheduling – A signed waiver will be emailed to you after scheduling, please sign and return prior to your first meeting. Thanks!

1. Keep everything shared here confidential. We want it to be a safe, secure place for all to talk. 2. Give everyone who wants to share a chance to talk. 

3. Do not force anyone to share more than they want to. 

4. Don’t give advice or tell others what they should do. 

5. If you want to share a thought with somebody about their story, ask if they want feedback or input before giving it. 

6. Please arrive to the support group with camera and speaker turned on. 

If you are experiencing symptoms that appear to need to be addressed by a healthcare professional, the facilitator may encourage you to do so, as well as help you identify resources. 

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