T1D Membership Plan

LAUNCHING AUGUST 2023! If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for August, please send a message here.

The membership model was created to provide real-time support for people with type 1 diabetes.

The T1D Membership Plan is $89/ month (no insurance needed). It includes the following:

  • Appointments: Diabetes check-in video appointments with Dr. Hamlin.
    • One-on-one appointments twice per year. 
    • 40 minutes of individualized care including lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, etc.) and blood glucose management recommendations. 
    • Lab work review (diabetes labs included in membership for no additional costs)
    • Prescriptions written for out for 6-12 months (prescription costs not included).
    • Detailed handouts provided at the end of each appointment for reference. 
  • Access to weekly group check in’s with Dr. Hamlin
    • Ability to log into standing video ‘Office Hours’ where Dr. Hamlin will answer questions and help with blood sugar troubleshooting directly in a group setting.
    • Current Times: Monday 5 – 6pm AND Friday 11am – 12pm
  • 6-month commitment – minimum requirement
    • A cancellation fee of $250 if cancelling before 6 months
      • Reasonable exclusions taken on a consideration basis (Ex: Military Deployment, unexpected move for work to a state we do not cover, etc.) 
    • No cost to cancel after 6 months. 
    • Option to opt out of membership plan after 6 months and continue to see Dr. Hamlin for as-needed follow-up appointments for $150 per appointment + $50 diabetes lab panel. 

This plan does not require insurance and is a great option for people wanting more hands-on support or with high deductible plans. Fees are FSA/HSA eligible. All patients must be in the state of Texas during appointments.

Recommend that all patients have a local primary care physician for in-person appointments, acute care visits, and standard prevention.