Type 1 Diabetes Membership

The membership model was created to provide real-time health support. It assists with health, wellness and medical questions as they come up. This program does not replace your need for a primary care physician (for Physicals, etc.) and emergency care.

The Membership Plan is $89/ month (no insurance needed). It includes the following:

  • Appointments: Establish Care and Follow Up video appointments with Dr. Hamlin.
    • One-on-one appointments twice per year. 
    • 40 minutes of individualized care including lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, etc.) and blood glucose management recommendations. 
    • Lab work review (metabolic labs included in membership for no additional costs)
    • Prescriptions written for out for 6-12 months (prescription costs not included).
    • Detailed lifestyle handouts provided at the end of each appointment for reference. 
  • Access to weekly group check in’s with Dr. Hamlin
    • Ability to log into standing video ‘Office Hours’ where Dr. Hamlin will answer questions and help with blood sugar troubleshooting directly in a group setting.
    • Current Times: Monday 5 – 6pm AND Friday 11am – 12pm
  • 6-month commitment – minimum requirement
    • A cancellation fee of $250 if cancelling before 6 months
      • Reasonable exclusions taken on a consideration basis (Ex: Military Deployment, unexpected move for work to a state we do not cover, etc.) 
    • No cost to cancel after 6 months. 
    • Option to opt out of membership plan after 6 months and continue to see Dr. Hamlin for as-needed follow-up appointments for $150 per appointment + $50 diabetes lab panel. 

This plan does not require insurance and is a great option for people wanting more hands-on support or with high deductible plans. Fees are FSA/HSA eligible. All patients must be in the state of Texas during appointments.

It is recommend that all patients have a local primary care physician for in-person appointments, acute care visits, and standard prevention.

When you are ready, please send a message that you are interested and Dr. Hamlin will call you personally to answer any questions. At this time she will be able to help you determine if this practice is the best choice for you.

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