Below is a list of excellent blogs and podcasts that I learn from on a weekly basis. These resources are ones I’ve been using for enough time to feel confident in recommending to others. They are all key players in my journey to optimizing helath and quality of life.

If you would like to expand your health knowledge and perspective, I truly believe these are incredible places to start.

  • Mark’s Daily Apple: A daily blog on all things nutrition, movement, and growth. Mark is an inspiration in so many ways, he has hacked aging in an incredible way and shares his story and the stories of others he has helped along the way.
  • The Bulletproof Blog: Dave Asprey is one of a kind, he aspires towards an optimal quality of life and pushing the boundaries of human longevity. He provides incredibly in-depth information on how he plans to achieve this and what he has learned along the way. His podcast is my favorite resource and every episode has helped me grow in some way. (I have a dream to be interviewed on his podcast one day, just putting that out there into the universe).
  • Rob Wolf: Rob’s book, The Paleo Solution, saved my health in undergrad when he presented a new perspective on what we know about optimal nutrition. His research results were contradictory to the government nutritional guidelines and allowed me to see the light on how the agricultural industry was steering us in the wrong direction. Rob’s podcast, blog, and basically everything he does is incredibly helpful and worth learning from. If you are interested in implementing a ketogenic diet, he provides the best resource I’ve seen to date here:
  • Chris Kresser: This incredible practitioner is an inspiration to me. He provides a large number of free resources on his podcast and blog written for both patients and providers.
  • Tim Ferris: This guy provides an incredible amount of variety of content and it seems like everything he does help the world in a meaningful way. His work has created countless perspective shifts in my life. My current favorite mind-blowing book of his is here,
  • Dr. Rhonda Patrick: Something about a female who loves biochemistry and unapologetically spreads serious knowledge for a living will always impress me. Her continual evaluation of new science-based literature is a great resource to keep up with.
  • Dr. Peter Attia: A doctor who is being the change he wants to see in the world. His TED talk on diabetes I truly feel that every medical professional could benefit from.
  • Mimi and Alex Ikonn: For all things mindset and learning to love your world, I have found no better resource. This couple is the epitome of intentional living and a beautiful example of lifestyle design. They have a new podcast and large archives of inspirational youtube videos.